Decorations by Plast.Met Metallizzazione

For over 40 years Plast.Met Metallizzazione has been specialized in industrial processing like metallizationiridescence and varnishing and any kind of coloration on semi-finished products in plastic, glass and metal alloys. We are the ideal partner for those wishing to give added value to their products. Over these years, we have ensured our customers a high, constant level of technological innovation.

Plast.Met Metallizzazione

Products processed with metallization and iridescence techniques by Plast.Met Metallizzazione are extremely exploitable in different product fields: from clothing to fashion jewelry, from lighting engineering to new ideas for a competitive packaging, from toys for kids to Christmas decorations. But also to products with special functions, like for example reflecting dish antennas or automotive components.

The quality of our finishes

The industrial experience of Plast.Met Metallizzazione ensures a high quality standard and a specific attention to details; furthermore, the high number of plants allows managing large volumes of work with precision and timeliness.
We mainly carry out custom processing on items of any shape and size, in order to cater to our customers’ needs.

The mission of Plast.Met Metallizzazione is to make your items valuable, whether they are made of glass, plastic or other.

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    via L. Da Vinci, 94 20062,
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