Glass bottle painting

The painting of glass bottles is one of the most interesting and complicated processes in the world of packaging.

Plast.Met: we are an innovative and revolutionary company in the field of industrial painting, we paint glass through our internal production lines, both in small and large quantities, satisfying the specific and personal needs of our customers.


Glass painting


Our painting department has modern lines that allow you to apply both UV paints and water-based thermal paints, to ensure the best possible result that meets your needs.

We produce different types of finishes:

  • transparent colored paints
  • opaque varnishes with sample colors
  • degradé painting
  • multi-color painting
  • soft touch painting
  • paint with glitter effect
  • painting with ice or frozen effect
  • translucent effect paints
  • and much more.

Your every need is your and our opportunity to improve.

Glass painting

Because many times we are faced with numerous difficulties and unforeseen events that can be encountered in painting on glass that only specialized companies, like us, are able to solve.

In Plast.Met for over 20 years we have been present in the packaging business, in particular in that of painting on hollow glass, we have gained a kwow how able to carry out even the most difficult processes, those able to bring out your neutral products from the mass.

In Plast.Met we guarantee the creation of a personalized effect on the glass, such as:

  • bottles for spirits
  • wine bottles
  • oil bottles
  • candle bottles
  • ambient perfume bottles
  • perfume bottles

and much more thanks to highly technological production lines designed ad hoc; we can paint from the small button to bottles of 12 LT.

Industrial painting

PLAST.MET industrial painting is able to produce millions of products in series, for companies that operate both B2B and B2C, which need projects carried out according to creative ideas and standards, at low costs, and in the shortest possible time, to emerge among competition.

We at Plast.Met are a leader in industrial painting, and not only, as we offer diversified services such as metallization and Iridescence of products, such as bottles, glass and plastic bottles, guaranteeing high quality, efficiency, maximization of investments, and fully respecting your needs.

Surely the experts in the sector know perfectly well what we mean when we talk about glass bottle painting, but for those who do not know we will explain it in short:

What is meant by painting?

Painting is a decoration solution that allows you to paint an entire packaging or a part of it, using increasingly innovative machines and technologies.

This practice can take place on different surfaces, such as glass, plastic, wood, aluminum, etc.

At Plast.Met, we mainly deal with glass painting in this sector.

Painting glass is one of the most important requests from large companies, which are always looking for versatile, original packaging that can stand out in a complicated, saturated and competitive market.

At Plast.Met we use both UV paints, which allow shorter production times, and thermal water paints, which require drying in special ovens.

What are the complexities encountered in glass painting?

The difficulties of painting glass bottles lie in the number of quantities to be produced: in fact, a non-standardized painting project requires a long phase of conception, design and construction, not to mention the considerable investments.

What are the advantages of painting?

The advantages of painting are many, as they allow you to create unique packaging that is different from the competition; the basis of a fantastic pack is creativity, just what at Plast.Met we offer our customers.

The use, then, of water-based (UV) paints, allows you to be more precise and compliant with the project and the desired colors, such as, for example, the creation of color shades on a bottle or a glass bottle.

All paints used in Plast.Met respect the environment being certified by our suppliers in accordance with the strict regulations in force.

Plast.Met painting effects

As we have indicated above, we create different finishes, covering, transparent, degradé, multicolor, also using paints with special effects such as soft-touch, ice effect, glitter effect, satin effect, translucent effect, and much more.

We at Plast.Met don’t stop at just painting glass bottles and flacons, but at the customer’s request, we discuss, create the idea together, design and fulfill your every wish, without ever stopping to any problems.

Our pluses in painting

As we at Plast.Met said, we are a company that offers multiple services, but differentiating ourselves from other entities for multiple reasons: first of all for our production capacity, in fact we work with large companies that require high quantitative and qualitative demand.

Furthermore, a company should choose us for the attention to the customer’s idea, for the comparison, and for the historical results of the highest quality obtained (Link), and for the other attributes related to our reality, which you can read by clicking here.

In PLAST.MET we offer technologies, kwow how and production lines in continuous development in the painting and metallization of glass.
Among our lines we want to mention in particular a UV line for small batches and a line with water-based paints for large batches.

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