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Metallization and iridescence processing are just some of the industrial treatments offered by Plast.Met Metallizzazione. We can give your products the charm and preciousness of gold and reflections of silver in a wide range of varnishing and coloration options. With specific chemical processes the surfaces of your processed item can be perfectly reflecting or satin-finished, as well as soft to the touch thanks to a process called Soft Touch
The metallization process will make your product aesthetically attractive and outstanding.
We study into detail every need, also very peculiar ones, in order to ensure the best solution, maximum punctuality of delivery with related traceability of shipments and prices always adequate to your needs.


Thanks to metallization industrial processing, we make items in plastic, glass or alloys valuable and resistant, covering them with a thin aluminum film in low-pressure conditions, around 10-4 torr.

Metallization, called vacuum-sealed metallization, is a treatment that, through sublimation and condensation of a metal layer can reach a thickness of less than one micron. Vacuum also allows treating all kind of materials, in any shape and size.

This way your products take on a perfectly reflecting chromed effect. We can give to your items not just the classic gold of silver mirror effect, but also many additional coloring effects that can be fully customized.


The iridescence effect, also known as aurora borealis, is due to an optical phenomenon that occurs when an item takes on different shades of color according to light exposure. You get different shades thanks to the material type and coloration. For example, on a white base you’ll get a pearly effect, while on a dark base looks beetle-colored. You get iridescence processing through vacuum sublimation of some minerals and later frosting.


Plast.met is specialized in varnishing on glass bottles, perfume bottles, cosmetics packaging and, more generally, on items in plastic, glass and metal.

Our production department has completely automatic modern varnishing lines that allow for the use of both UV varnishes and thermal varnishes made from water, that guarantee full respect for the environment as well as a high final quality.

The high efficiency of our plants and flexible organization allow handling both orders of considerable quantities and lower quantities.

The experience we have gained and the quality we offer are much appreciated in the fields of cosmetic packaging, glass bottles for perfumery, wine glass bottles and bottles for spirits.

We carry out opaque, multicolor, degradè and transparent finishes, also using varnishes with special effects like:

We carry out different finishes: opaque, transparent, degradè, multicolor, also using varnishes with special effects like soft-touch, ice effect, glitter effect, satin effect, translucent effect.

We can offer a custom treatment according to the customers’ needs.

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