Our strengths

Besides its quality finishes Plast.Met Metallizzazione stands out because makes available to its customers its professionalism obtained and reinforced through the years:

Big production capacity

High-quality finishes

Compliance with deadlines

We work for third parties with big volumes

Each production is electronically tracked

Internal design for the construction of frames and supports for productions

 Prototyping and project together with the client of new decoration solutions

 Highly prepared internal know-how  

 Execution of samples in a short time

Preparation of offers in a very short time  

Super competitive prices

We can produce tens of thousands of pieces a day

We comply with strict production protocols shared with clients

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Contact us

    Plast.Met S.r.l. Metallizzazione

    PI 00981750151

    via L. Da Vinci, 94 20062, Cassano D’Adda, Milano

    via L. Da Vinci, 94 20062,
    Cassano D’Adda, Milano